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    So we've been slow getting this update out. We originally were planning to have a cool incremental update with some fixes and stuff a couple weeks ago, but we decided to go BIG.

    We're working feverishly on the next build and I think it's going to be quite a doozy. I'll post the *current* changelist for 0.3.0 build at the bottom, but its not even complete!

    The biggest addition is going to be more quests and territory control. You'll be able to help conquer a chunk of the Divide for D.I.G. in this upcoming release. This means lots of bases, lots of conquest, and a working reputation system. This change is near all encompassing as it requires all sorts of changes and additions to things like AI, dialogue, missions and more.

    We're excited to see what people think of the changes and want to know what else you'd like to see. Let us know!

    -- Current Changelist as of 8/28/14

    - Territory Control - Players can conquer and raid stations and mines throughout the Divide. This change is huge and deserves more than a single line. Too bad.
    - Unit Information Window - In tactical combat, hit F2 to bring up a window with information about the selected unit.
    - Unit Injuries
    - Units can be injured based on wounds taken in
    - Units are healed at stations with hospitals.
    - New Mine Level art
    - All art on the mine level has been looked at and worked on.
    - Rooms for mines and fixes to rooms tech
    - New Jumpsuit tech
    - Players probably won't notice, but we are separating jumpsuits out of armor to make it so players have more customization down the road.
    - Deadrockpedia. We have an in game encyclopedia about the game. We'll add to it with more features and lore and more.
    - Mission Boards. Stations can have random mission generators to get players more ways to fight for coin and loots.
    - New Text Renderer. We got TextMesh Pro for Unity3d. Its really really good. Not used everywhere yet but where its used is great.
    - Number of fixes to animation controllers that weren't working. May not have them all yet, but soon.
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    I am very excited for this! I was just wearing my Bootsnake games shirt today (I bought it at PAX east) and was wondering what happened with this game. I was sad when we did not reach our goal on kickstarter but I'm glad everything is still moving forward. Keep up the great work! I really enjoy your games!
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  3. dru

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    Thanks for the words :)

    Hopefully we'll get it in your hands soon to play with

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